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In today’s hyper competitive atmosphere, anything that adds profits to your commercial real estate business is worth a second look.


Liquid Capital Partners provides a way to increase your net profits, help your clients, and add to your agents’ income, all at the same time.


We offer several alternatives to the 1031 tax deferral approach, that provide ninety five percent liquidity to your sellers on day one.


They are backed by substantial legal authority, including a General Counsel Memorandum (from the IRS.)


Although not well known, these strategies been around for years, and large public corporations have taken advantage of them (in transactions valued at over a billion dollars, some of which are now over ten years old, and have never been overturned in an audit.)


We provide the backup and support to plan and execute the strategies (including providing the liquidity, through affiliated boutique financial institutions), pay your agents a generous referral fee for an introduction to sellers that can take advantage of these approaches, and pay your office further consideration as well each time a transaction closes.  Your clients end up with additional liquidity, an alternative to a 1031 in situations where that may be advantageous to them, and you and your agents generate additional income with no additional expense or time expended.


We look forward to providing additional information and exploring a profitable working relationship.

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