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Our transition buy out program allows owners to exit the business even when cash buyers are scarce, while maintaining control and getting full value for the business.

Your Exit Strategy
When Buyers Won't Pay Full Value

Turning you from Owner Operator to passive investor

Unfortunately, even profitable, well run companies are difficult to sell.

We provide an exit strategy to business owners that can't find an immediate cash buyer on acceptable terms.

Our combination of manaagement services and deal terms allows an owner to exit the business at the pace that he/she would like without running the risk of losing control or having to shut down the business.  Our replacement team will include executives with expertise in operations, marketing, finance, and with a strong understanding of your particular industry.

For less than the cost of hiring outside managers (we subsidize our work) we provide best in class management service. 

Creating the checks and balances to make you comfortable, our customized ensure that you transition while capturing the full value of the company.

Only 20% of Businesses for Sale are Sold Each Year

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  • Cheaper than hiring your own management team (we subsidize costs).

  • Our incentives are aligned to maximize long term profits.

  • You remain in control.

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