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Year End Tax Planning

Save $100,000+

Hundreds of Past Clients


from Buttoned up Fortune 500 Executives to Swashbuckling Entrepreneurs  

$400,000 to $275,000,000 Incomes

Several of whom you have read about in Forbe 

Multi-Million Dollar Decisions


The U.S. Tax Code allows for deferred or reduced tax rates for certain business arrangements.

Our team has long and extensive experience in identifying and assisting clients and their existing advisors in implementing suitable opportunities.  

Send us a quick email to request a summary of 2-3 transactions that work for your situation.

Or call to discuss at length

For Business Owners, Professional Investors & W-2 Employees

Tax breaks, not loopholes

Google's Tax Rate on Foreign Income: 2.4%

Beginning in 2017, a company can receive up to $2.2mm in revenue tax free to its captive

Pfizer's 2014 tax rate: 7.5%

(profits of international subsidiaries on non-Subpart F income not subject to tax until repatriated).

Tax on ESOP Profits: 0%

Mitt Romney's Tax Free Roth IRA: $100,000,000



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