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Consumption in Emerging Markets Exceeds Developed Markets

70% of Billion Dollar Companies Will Come From Emerging Markets

Middle Class Consumption 2000-2050

Roger Fuller, CPA

Former International Tax Director for multi-national companies including Huntsman Chemical, Hypercom, and



As the world economy continues to globalize, successful firms will increasingly depend on international markets for their success.

In the global economy, and in the age of global

communications, international growth is not just 

for Fortune 500 companies.


Indeed, for many companies it is a necessity, and

international markets increasingly represent the

majority of the firms' revenues and profits.


Our team has worked with hundreds of growing

firms to help them expand internationally.

These services have included:

  • Company Formation & Administration

  • Global Payroll

  • Distribution & Channel Development

  • Tax & Accounting

  • Regulatory Compliance

We have an extensive network of international partners and contacts, and many of our team members have lived internationally for many years.

We are able to help internationally minded firms with technical, cultural and strategic support to help them intelligently  and cost effectively take advantage of new market opportunities.



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