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Marketing Technology & Big Data Analytics

With thousands of big data and marketing technology solutions in the market, the opportunity to ramp up through technology is greater than it has ever been.  Unfortunately the potential for confusion is as well.


Our data analytics practice specializes in helping clients choose, deploy and manage the right data automation solutions for their business.  

Channel Development

Our team is able to ramp up distribution through strategic partnerships by hiring in house sales teams.  


Our practice leaders have experience recruiting, training, managing and compensating hundreds of sales representatives at a time. 

Joint Ventures & Licensing

Joint ventures and licensing projects offer many of the advantages of mergers and acquisitions and organic growth initiatives without many of their risks or drawbacks.


Joint ventures offer quantum growth potential without the cost outlays or some of the governance risks of an acquisition.  By the same token, JVs or licensing opportunities can allow a company to reach scale in the short term without the incremental growth, processes and time requirements of organic growth.


Our team is experienced in reaching out widely to potential strategic partners and joint venture partners as well as in assisting in the due diligence, negotiations and execution of a transaction.


These services help you leverage your team's time and resources while ensuring discretion and confidentiality.

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