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Exit & Liquidity on the Sale of Capital Assets

Helping Sellers Maximize the Marketability, Liquidity and Exit Opportunities of their Assets.

Maximizing the Liquidity and Net Profits on the Sale of Capital Assets

We are a private equity and advisory firm that structures transactions and relationships that substantially enhance the marketability, liquidity and after tax value on the sale of capital assets (including operating businesses, real estate and intellectual property).

Client needs vary and so a 'one size fits all' approach can result in sub-optimal results while pitting the advisor in direct conflict with the client's interest.

We strive to holistically develop solutions for clients and/or their advisors, taking into account the client's specific situation, with a focus on liquidity and exit opportunities.

$40 million


$4 billion +


Installment SaleS

"An installment sale coupled with a loan, [allowing the seller] to take advantage of tax deferral on the asset sale, which is a permitted result under I.R.C. §§ 453 and 453A" (FSA20123401f)

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opportunity zones

Law passed in 2017 permitting 100% tax deferral through 2026 PLUS 100% tax free growth on re-invested gains (not principal) into one of 6000 "Opportunity Zones" throughout the U.S. 

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Small Business Stock Sale

Statutory gain exclusion provided under IRC 1202 which eliminates capital gains tax on the sale of certain stock on the GREATER of $10 million or 10 times the seller's adjusted basis.

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As a specialist in liquidity and exit solutions we help owners of capital assets access new markets and liquidity while accommodating their future business or personal goals.  Ranging from structured financings to tokenizations on the blockchain to retirement and estate planning integrations, following are a couple of tools that sellers have used.


Real, Verbatim and Unsolicited

Thank you!  I will correct the agreement and get a copy to you.  I apologize for being a pain on this transaction.  You have been great to work with.

Got the wire this afternoon.  Thanks again for your flexibility and follow through in helping get this done.  Have a great weekend! 

Thank you. You are so sweet!  That was not necessary.  I appreciate what you did.

Excellent.  Thank you for your follow up .  This is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for all of the work and effort that went into our business sale transaction last week.  I’m happy to say, we now have a seven figure number in our bank account :)


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We Work With Existing Advisors

You Introduce Us

All our engagements are subject to Non Disclosure and Non-Circumvention agreements with you.

We Design the Solution

We Present the Solution

With you or alone, at your direction

We Get To Work

All work is done with you fully informed, or involved, every step of the way, as you would like.



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