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Investor Relations

Finding and communicating with your investor community.


Pete Church

Alternative Investments Marketing & Communications Specialist


Current Marketing Director for The Price Futures Group in Chicago. Former Director of Marketing for Man Financial ($42 bn AUM), Altegris Financial, ($2.6bn AUM),  AlphaMetrix.  Marketing consultant to Commodity Trading Advisors, Commodity Pool Operators, Fund Managers, Fund of Funds Managers, boutique asset management companies, and service providers specializing in alternative investments.  Designed graphics standards and brand identity for Chicago Board of Trade.

Our Services

Investor Selections & Outreach
Lead Management
Collateral Materials
Research Reports

We help companies and funds connect with their current and prospective investor community.

We help clients reach their target audience and communicate clearly and forcefully their message by leveraging traditional and digital communications channels and strategies.


Through our network of investor, analyst and media relationships, we are able to effectively communicate our clients' investment potential and corporate vision.

Our seasoned professionals have backgrounds in finance, marketing and promotions. We bring deep financial, communication and management expertise to every project.

Each program is tailored to the clients needs and we continue to monitor and respond to the dynamics of the client and their industry.

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